Pregnancy Flow Part 1

Join Andy from Yoga Mamas for this flowing floor sequence that makes up Part 1 of a longer practice. You can practice this in isolation or follow up with part 2 and 3 for an extended yoga class.

Part 1 includes seated stretch & release, a strengthening core sequence, a lunging sequence for the hips and finishes in a standing position.

Your teacher: Andy Broadbear

Andy is a registered Yoga Therapist & Teacher, co-creator of YogaMamas, hobby photographer and busy mama of 3. She has been a passionate yogi for over a decade, with particular interest in women’s health, stemming from her specialty in pre + postnatal yoga. She is also an experienced Yin & children’s yoga teacher, as well as qualified in prenatal pilates. Based in Melbourne, Andy worked with 2XU on their prenatal compression range as well as being featured as a guest blogger on various yoga and motherhood wellness sites.

As one half of the YogaMamas team her philosophy is simple. Provide you with a holistic, authentic, educated approach to motherhood that is underpinned by the teachings of yoga.

Andy comes from a place of experience, compassion and learning, hoping to offer mamas inspiration & support for their motherhood journey.