Yin for the Heart Space

Join Andy from Yoga Mamas for this nourishing yin practice giving you the opportunity to find stillness and space as you connect with both the breath & your hearts centre. Yin postures are traditionally held for a period of time (often between 3-5 minutes) so feel free to pause the video at any stage if you wish to hold your poses for longer.

Loving Kindness Meditation

Open or complete your practice with this bonus meditation practice, drawing your attention to your hearts chakra allowing you to become more aware and able to connect with the energy that flows through this space.

Your teacher: Andy Broadbear

Andy is a registered Yoga Therapist & Teacher, co-creator of YogaMamas, hobby photographer and busy mama of 3. She has been a passionate yogi for over a decade, with particular interest in women’s health, stemming from her specialty in pre + postnatal yoga. She is also an experienced Yin & children’s yoga teacher, as well as qualified in prenatal pilates. Based in Melbourne, Andy worked with 2XU on their prenatal compression range as well as being featured as a guest blogger on various yoga and motherhood wellness sites.

As one half of the YogaMamas team her philosophy is simple. Provide you with a holistic, authentic, educated approach to motherhood that is underpinned by the teachings of yoga.

Andy comes from a place of experience, compassion and learning, hoping to offer mamas inspiration & support for their motherhood journey.